For me, it doesn’t get much better than pairing cheesecake with an Imperial IPA. The cheesecake is overly sweet, overly creamy, and overly indulgent. Cheesecake is “overly”. This is fine. We need this in our lives. It’s an explosion of flavor.

Cheesecake with Pipework's Spotted Puffer

Cheesecake with Pipework’s Spotted Puffer

The problem is that after a few bites, our palates become numb. It’s where the phrase “you only need a few bites” came from. We love our indulgent fatty sweetness, but it’s hard to eat too much.

Rich creamy cheesecake...yum!

Rich creamy cheesecake…yum!

Here is where the imperial IPA comes in. They IPA is a more bitter beer that can counteract the sweetness in the cheesecake. The IPA is also a great palate cleanser and can cut right through the fatty creaminess of the cheesecake.

Pipework's Spotted Puffer

Pipework’s Spotted Puffer

So what does this mean? It means a more balanced experience. It means that your palette will be less tired. It means you can eat more cheesecake is what it means. Just don’t eat too much. I take accountability for your calorie intake.

If you have any pairing recommendations feel free to reach out to us. For those of you pinners out there, make sure to pin the image below to your yummiest Pinterest board.


Don't forget to pin this image to your best Pinterest board

Don’t forget to pin this image to your best Pinterest board

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