We would like to welcome our new friends from The Open Bottle to the beer community. We are going to have a new bottle shop and a place that serves beer right in Tinley Park. That’s right this place does both. Recently the idea of combining a liquor store and bar has become quite popular. There are multiple reasons this works. However there are few key ones that I think you will be interested in.

1. Drink While You Shop – I don’t need to explain why this is cool.

2. Pay Shelf Price and Drink it at the Bar – I don’t need to buy my beers at a dance club. I’m already married and my dancing is suspect at best. It’s great to just buy a beer and be able to crack it open. Don’t you agree?

3. Keep You in the Store Longer – Okay maybe this isn’t a cost saving benefit, but at least you will be happy even if you spend all of your money.


Here are a few excerpts taken from the Open Bottle’s website, with their permission of course:)

The Open Bottle is a boutique craft beer shop and tap room located just a few steps from the Harlem Avenue and I-80 interchange in Tinley Park, Illinois. Our goal is to become the premier craft beer shop in the southwest suburbs of Chicago by providing our customers with a variety of fresh craft beers, both local and from all over the world, at prices customers can appreciate. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to help customers further their craft beer journey by answering questions and recommending their next beer to take home or to enjoy in the store.

From day one, our goal has been to be the premier craft beer shop in Chicago’s southwest suburbs. We want our customers to learn about the many styles of beer, try a new one, enjoy the warm ambiance of our store,  and bring home a 6-pack to share.

Here’s what makes us unique: our shop has beer to-go and beer to drink on-site. This concept is hard to find, and while we don’t usually like to toot our own horn (yes we do), we think that’s awesome! Where else can you have drink a pint of your favorite brewery’s beer, and then bring home a 6-pack you’ve never heard of? We love that idea and hope you do, too.

We are glad to see more beer spots opening up in the south suburbs. Can’t wait to head out there to check things out.