Now some people drink beer out of a pint glass. This is easily the most popular glass to serve beer in and it truly hurts the experience. The pint glass is a shaker glass and was never intended to be used to serve anything. It was used to help make cocktails. So why are they so bad? You see such a large part of tasting beer comes down to perceiving aromas in beer as you taste them. The pint glass doesn’t have the shape or curvature to make these perceptions effectively.

These will work just fine to get you going. I have big hands and I struggle with the thin stems. There is chance your hands may warm the beer a bit, but never really bothered me much.


These glasses will work just fine for just about any beer. The round bulbous shape that helps concentrate aromas is really what you are after here.


Beginner Books

These are books for those beginning their beer journey. 

This is a great book for those just starting out on your beer journey. It’s packed with good information and follows your typical “for Dummies” approach.


A great introductory book for those beginning their home brewing adventures


Beer Exam Study Level 1

These are good resources for those prepping for entry level exams like the Cicerone Certified Beer Server Exam.

How to Brew is a home brewing favorite of many new home brewers.


Tasting beer can be a truly wonderful thing. Trust me I do it often. This book will give you the background tactics to make your experience that much better.


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