The holidays are here, and everyone is trying to figure out what gifts to buy for their family and friends. You look at your list of people to buy for and think, “hey, they all like beer.” You head to Google and search for beer gifts.  A bunch of gifts pop up.  You pick one and buy it.  You’re all set, right?  But are you?  Just because a gift is beer-related doesn’t necessarily make it a good beer gift. It’s possible that you may have given a bad beer gift. To help our members out, we’ve put together a list of our top five worst beer gifts to avoid. We have also given you suggestions on what are some of the best beer gifts to give. Don’t be the one who buys bad gifts anymore.


Most beer drinkers don’t use frosted mugs. The cold temperature of the glass will actually cause the beer to foam and will mute the flavor of the beer.  Unless the person you buy for drinks tasteless beer for mass consumption, stay away from this one.


Glasses that enhance the tasting process would be a better bet.  A nice set of snifters or a craft beer glass set will do the trick.

Libbey Belgian Beer Glass – 16 oz

#2: Pre-Packaged Homebrew Kits that an Actual Home Brewer Won’t Use

Home brewing equipment or ingredients are a phenomenal gift for the experienced home brewer or for those just getting into the hobby. Although we appreciate the effort here, mini starter kits like these typically fall short.  While they may be cute and fun, they provide little value to those who wish to expand their home brewing equipment in the future.


Buy that budding home brewer in your life a kit that they can actually use to start building their equipment library.  This way they can just keep adding on instead of replacing everything.

Gold Complete Beer Equipment Kit (K6) with 6 Gallon Glass Carboy

 #3: Bad Beer Books that Don’t Serve Any Purpose

If you are going to buy a book for someone that is into beer, make sure it serves a practical purpose.  Cute or funny books may get a laugh or two, but will likely find their way into the garbage.


For the Beer Drinker:

Beer For Dummies

For the Home Brewer:

Homebrewing For Dummies

For the Intermediate and Advanced Home Brewer:

Designing Great Beers: The Ultimate Guide to Brewing Classic Beer Styles

 #4: Mini Draft Systems that Have Little Practical Use for Us Beer People

Now, I am willing to admit that these do look cool and who wouldn’t want to pour a beer from their counter top from time to time.  The truth is that it is just too small to excite the beer enthusiast in your life.  Most beers are not sold in 1 gallon batches and home brewers would probably rather use a 5 gallon keg to tap.


A kegerator for professional kegs will do the trick here.

EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser – Black

Home brewers use soda kegs which are different than professional kegs.  If your special someone is planning on kegging their own beer, they will need a set up like this and convert an old fridge or freezer into a kegerator.

Homebrew Kegerator Conversion Kit with 5 LB Co2 Tank

#5: Dumb Beer-ventions that Serve Little Purpose

I’m still trying to figure out who buys this stuff. We so badly wanted to put a few pictures of some of the dumb Beer-ventions out there, but we thought that would probably be a bit mean.  Skip these.  No one needs to stack beers on their head and sip beer through long straws or carry around a fake beer keychain.


Beer people still need gear.  However, it needs to be useful gear.  Growler carriers, bomber carriers, or other beer haulers work well here.

Beer people often buy expensive beers that come in “Bomber” size.  It is similar to a wine size bottle which is why we went with the wine/water bottle tote.

BUILT Original Designer Neoprene Wine/Water Bottle Tote, 2-Bottle, Black (2B-BLK)

Well, there you have it.  Remember, this is just a guide. There are other great gifts out there.  The key is to try to get useful gifts and not get too creative.  In the end, a gift card to a beer related store like Northern Brewer will be great as well.  Beer drinkers and home brewers spend tons of money on beer and ingredients each year.  When in doubt, a gift card will never disappoint.

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