Ordering a beer can be difficult for the new beer drinker. Figuring out how to pronounce a beer name will make you feel more at ease. You won’t have to point at the menu when your server comes by either. This is an actual challenge that many new beer drinkers struggle with. We frequently survey our members and they mentioned that this was a pain point. That’s why I enlisted the help of my friend, Marty Nachel.

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1. How Do You Pronounce Gose

2. How Do You Pronounce Schwarzbier?

3. How Do You Pronounce Rauchbier?

4. How Do You Pronounce Lambic?

Marty is the author of Beer For Dummies and Homebrewing for Dummies.

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Marty Nachel

Marty is a professional beer judge and beer author. He has written multiple books including Beer for Dummies and Homebrewing for Dummies.
Marty Nachel